Quick and Dirty Guide to Setting Up a Hosted Dedicated Server

Recent multiplayer games have provided their customers dedicated servers on launch, for a good reason-dedicated servers are one of the few ways for gamers to play together online, without following someone else’s server rules, or dealing with gameplay lag from different members of their team. While building your own server tower is certainly an option, if you haven’t the patience or money for hardware, renting server space is a;ways an option. There are a couple things to consider when you start out with server set up, like the speed of your own Internet connection, and the cost of leaving your computer on all day for the group to play whenever they like. But getting your own gameplay space that runs smoothly just might be the best thing you’ve ever done. 1) Choose your server type When finding a dedicated server host, you have two options: renting a preconfigured server, or getting your dedicated server its own space. Preconfigured servers are set up by games, and paid for in slots. Getting a dedicated machine for your server means you can add whatever mods or maps you’d like on the fly, but you’ll also have to pull some grunt work getting your games to run on it through other systems. In the…

Gaming Trends in 2015

2014 was a wild year for games, with new releases to beloved games like Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry, as well as highly anticipated titles like Titanfall. Gaming culture and technology also took headlines of digital and print publications several times, a sign of what could be increasing alignment of the gaming world with more mainstream interests. With 2015 well on its way, what is in store for gaming? The F2P business model Free-to-play models have largely focused on mobile games, MMOs and MOBAs, but there is increasing traffic towards non-MMO games, and to free-to-play as a potentially profitable model. F2P is a good way to attract gamers to newer titles without forcing some sort of commitment, and is also readily adaptable to micro-transactions and customizations, matching the rise of micro-transactions for extra materials in AAA games. Bioware;s Old Republic has been making good bank since its shift to free-to-play, and with news of stock being pulled from Harvey Norman and EB Games, Elder Scrolls Online will likely do the same. Major F2P games League of Legends and DOTA2 have also been huge successes since their inception, the latter’s fans stoking the prize money of the international tournament to above $10 million. Virtual Reality Part of…

Game Types that are Overdone

When looking for a game to host, it might seem like all of them look the same. That’s because, unfortunately, they do. There are certain types of games that have just been done to death, and won’t hold a player’s attention for long at all. Look outside these if you want to create a unique experience. Flash Games Once upon a time, Flash ruled the net. It’s incorporation into YouTube, and availability to creators, means that it was a must-have installation on any computer. Times and technology have changed, though, and since Flash’s incompatibility with iPads means that developers are looking elsewhere. HTML5 has come to replace it for video, but there is no singular answer for games. Match Three Bejeweled became a classic. The simple gameplay of switching gems to make three matching ones that disappear is simple but addictive, with a relatively easy learning curve. Candy Crush, for mobile devices was able to put its own spin on it, adding a variety of power ups and special tiles, changing the board size to force players to change their strategies. Both are done really well, but very many people have tried to copy them. The basic game has been done and redone countless times, and Candy Crush has inspired…

Damage Control: What to Do When Your Gaming Server Crashes

It’s a fact of doing anything online: sooner or later, the server is going to crash. Just how this affects you depends on the nature of what you were doing. If you were shopping online, for example, you’d just wait around until it came back up or wander off and check in later. If you were in the middle of updating your social media status, you’d do the same. However, if you were in the middle of an intense Team Fortress 2 match and the server crashed, chances are good that you probably raged a little. If you’re running your own private gaming server, it’s going to be your main goal to keep that server from crashing. However, it’s inevitable that it will crash at some point, which means you need to know how to handle that situation when it happens so that everyone using your server will be kept relatively happy and won’t start looking for another server to go to. Keep Users Informed It’s absolutely vital that you keep all your users informed of what’s going on. Most people running public servers have a forum or message board where they can keep people updated on what’s going on. Even if all you’ve got is a Twitter or Facebook…

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